Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why Concrete?

I won't belabor this issue. Concrete is the ONLY medium for the construction of a municpal skatepard. It retains a "due care" state, without the kind of maintenance that is necessary with other media. Your skatepark will WORK at acceptable safety levels for YEARS.

Look at Columbus' 20+ year-old concrete park. This is the ONLY way to create a park. Not to mention sculptability, durability, and the undeniable popularity of the medium. A quality, concrete skateboarding medium in our neighborhood will ensure a constant flow of people to our business and idea-pool.

A quality concrete skatepark in several neighborhoods on the bus routes will slingshot Cincinnati into a brighter future. There is no doubt that a city that creates media for this culture is going to be in the travel plans of people from many states and countries.

Research is solid: Skateboarding is Safe! (relatively)

I've been holding off on posting on the issue of the relative safety of skateboarding because I have no background in statistics or medicine. In my own 22 years of skateboarding I have seen several broken bones--wrists and ankles--and innumerable bruises and scrapes... I have never seen a head-injury happen, outside lacerating my own forehead in a backyard pool in the 22nd year of my own skateboarding carreer. what a dope.

anyway, I want to share with you this research. Just click the word "this" in the previous sentence. It is significant, reliable, and typical of all the other results I've viewed.

The bottom line is, skateboarding in concrete parks is not as dangerous as basketball.

Another consideration I'd like to share is the strong possibility that skateboarding youth are less prone to repetitive stress injuries, since there are usually no parents or coaches pressuring them.

I worked with high school youth for years and it was sickening to watch adults pressure them into horriffic injuries. I saw a sixteen year old with his knee unzipped twice to repair destroyed ligaments--all for touchdowns. This kind of injury is quite rare in skateboarding; especially at that age.

Some thoughts.

A taste of possibility: some very rudimentary drawings of Northside's site plan...

Northside Community Council Meeting January 2008

We did a quick presentation this month. We'll be presenting a drawing and kicking off our major political push this next meeting, Feb. 25.

Thanks to Tim Jeckering at Jeckering Architecture for the site plan drawings. We've already formed up a few initial drawings.

Thanks to the World Famous Matt Dyck, of Byrneside Skatepark fame, who has graciously offered to give us design advice and drawings for presentations. Matt is, as I said, world famous for his skateboarding and concrete park design. Any park he does is a work of art.

Our park is forming up around an artistic aesthetic. There will be trees and lighting that create a "Park-like" feel. No Post-soviet era monolithic skateparks for Northside. This'll be a park for everyone and their kids and dogs and probably even their bikes on the periphery.

Looking forward.