Monday, May 19, 2008

Northside Community Council: May Report

Tonight I shared with the council that we've made progress:
One grant-hunter
Two PR Gurus
two good leads on grants, with people ready to try writing them...

We already had:
a site
community council support in a written resolution

Our Goals:
this month
--to set up a financial "container" for fundraising through the Northside Community Council
--to get one or two more committed grant hunters
--to begin applying for grants in earnest.

Next Directions:
Corporate Sponsorships
Broaching the subject with the City Council for their support

I can't say enough about the pleasure it is to work with the Northside Community Council. I have the feeling that a movement to build neighborhood skateparks will develop out of this, affecting OTR and West End, Corryville, and Clifton, South Cumminsville and many other neighborhoods. Heck, Sedamsville has a proposed park!

We're looking at great possibilities for the youth and young adults and young-at-heart-adults of Cincinnati to have equal opportunity, without regard to economic status, to use skateboarding facilities! As it is now, you have to own a car or live in a nice neighborhood to use a park. Skateparks are for everyone!

until next post...

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is DELHI, people. DELHI!!! Please send me grant-hunters!!!

DELHI OH. Delhi has had a park for a YEAR now. 600 people at the opening. at least 20 per day during the WINTER!!! 100 per day easily.
Cincinnati governing people: listen up! Skateparks are GOOD FOR COMMUNITIES!!! Grumpy old Delhi has one and the stores around it can tell you about how many drinks they're selling, how much gas gets guzzled... the cops can tell you that skaters aren't half as rowdy as the basketball ganstas. Seriously, get me a team of grantsters and let's get funding that can get CRC adn the Gov't to HELP US share the wealth!!!!

Grant Hunters!

We got our first Grant Hunter this month! Melody Wolf! Nobody hunts as well as a wolf, you know...

maybe a lion. but i think wolves are really better. Keener sense of smell. it's a toss up, really.