Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Great Meeting with Vice-Mayor Qualls

Many thanks to Vice-Mayor Qualls and her office staff, who met with us last week. We enjoyed a chance to pass on a tee shirt and discuss the proven benefits that properly constructed skateparks will bring to urban youth. Thanks to Caleb Nash and Marcus Caswell, our Youth Advocates, for your input.

Northside Farmer's Market!!!

The Skatepark Committee was delighted to receive a kind invitation to put our mobile halfpipe in the farmers market! Here are some pics of Northside Locals getting gnarly. All said, about 40 skaters came to visit during the process. We hope to have even more come out and represent for GETTING SKATEBOARDING FACILITIES CONSTRUCTED IN URBAN AREAS, WHERE THEY HAVE THE MOST IMPACT ON THE YOUTH WHO NEED THEM THE MOST!