Monday, April 30, 2007

Philosophical Question:

In this month's (May) issue of SLAP Magazine, a skateboarding publication, there is an article on p.12 that is worth considering. It is a short piece that simply asks:

Why is it acceptable, even commendable, to receive injuries in school sports? Why is it Okay for my young friend Cliff to blow out his Knee in football? Nobody minded.

And in juxtaposition:

Why is it so unacceptable, almost universally condemned, to receive injuries while skateboarding?

Please comment.

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  1. I'm going to answer myself on this one.

    Skateboarders are notorious for bad social behaviors.

    Slap magazine itself has extolled this in the three issues since that philosophical question.


    these are part of an "ethos" in the group of people who skateboard.

    Therefore, people view practicioners of skate/art/sport as irresponsible tresspassers who vandalize.


    that IS different from the football team, which purports to produce leadership and blah blah...

    you get it...