Friday, March 30, 2007

Park Profile: Dry Ridge

I'll be posting the footage I'm collecting. Dry Ridge is my first ever video editing job, so please just sit back and relax. Get the big picture. Parks are made of concrete. Parks are open. Parks are empty during the early hours of the day, when I'm free to take footage... with my five year old, seth, in tow.

Dry Ridge, people. Little, tiny, Dry Ridge--GETS IT. A good skatepark is a magnet for good things.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Venice Beach, CA

Here is your example for a city that has accepted skate culture to it's benefit. From VB to Santa Monica, there is skateable terrain, and skateboards are a common mode of trans- portation. I skated a full 15 miles that day, meeting people from all over the world who had come to that area to enjoy that open culture. I skated most of the day with Iggy, a young man from England who had come to skate Venice Beach.

The photos here are of some of the simple street obstacles that VB provided for the skaters. Besides this, there are numerous parks and spots. It is a great feeling to be able to jump on my skate and fly, without wondering about a 400 dollar ticket.

Clifton Hills Improvement Assoc. May 10th

Thanks to Peter and all the folks at the CHIA. You are a great example of seeds that grow into hair when stuck to terracotta animals or heads... no. wait. That's "Chia". Only one capital letter.

Well, we've been invited to the CHIA meeting, and we'll be there on the 10th of May. It was great to hear from Peter through the blog. Thanks to everyone who is reading and interested.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

2004 Article Begs Question: Why Not, Cincinnati?

"Greater Cincinnati" boasts (in 2004) Eleven Skateboarding Parks! Why are there no plans for providing a quality (world-caliber) skateboarding attraction in our City Limits?

Click here for an article that Begs it hard

Way back in 2004 this was going on. I moved into Cinci in 2004.

Northside, where I live, understands the importance of Skate Culture. It is not a subculture anymore. The influence is in fashion, music, art of all media. The Skate-Culture has soaked into commercials and youth culture.

Hopefully N-side will lead the City in the incorporation of Skate-able terrains in the Limits. Everyone knows that Louisville had the foresight to include a World-Class park in their city plans. They're not sorry, either.

Park Profile: Anderson/Beechmont

Click Here for the Anderson Park District's Website description of this Skatepark

Local Park Profile: St. Bernard Mini-Park

This park is located in St. Bernard, about 10 minutes outside of Northside. It can't be more than 1500 square feet. Maybe less than a thousand.
It is concrete, open till 10pm, and has recommendations posted. That is the practice. Post recommendations. Nationwide, that's enough.

It is part one of a phasic proposal. We hope they'll build the rest. I skate this park, personally, a LOT. I go there in the mornings to practice, being an old guy. Consider it like a morning run.

Here's a 2004 Enquirer article on the parks in the area:
Click the text for the full article:
St. Bernard Skate Park
Ross Avenue Park
St. Bernard
(513) 641-3137

The details: The first public skate park in the Tristate, this small concrete park is a haven for those seeking a simple skating experience - if you can use it. The park is restricted for use by St. Bernard residents only, so you might want to be prepared to flash an ID.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 19: Northside Community Council Meeting #2

We appeared for the second time, having been told we'd be on the agenda, to sit through the agenda-ed items of business (this time NOT boring) without being announced. Grabbing a copy of the agenda, we realize, again, that we're not on the agenda.


Not a problem at all. We got a chance to talk for 2 minutes and hi-five the crowd. Hopefully we'll be on the agenda for real, next time, and get to show our presentation that will convince the folks in government and finance that a skatepark will affect this community and this city in really dynamic, positive ways.

Our presentation is going to answer definitively any questions about what kind of park to build, how they're managed, how many cities are doing it, and how to finance it.


the works.

We also handed out "the card". for 2 dollars and a buck fifty for cutting, you have in your hands the contact info for discussion and update of the Skatepark Initiative.

next N-side Community Council Meeting: Monday April 16th.
The presentation's on.
We'll have a video and some art.
5 minutes
many man hours.
just the right information.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Feb. 26 First Presentation: Northside Community Council

Ali Calis and Lew Ross (me) got to do a quick little plug for our upcoming presentation to the Council. We'll have the whole 5 minute dealio next month. Needless to say, we were hard-pressed to match the breakneck speed of business there, but everyone was pretty kind with us new guys.

Ali and I will both join the council next month. 3rd Mondays.

It was really interesting that a local Scout troop was there--my son's. We didn't know, and he didn't go, but they are totally behind it. In fact, when their campout was cancelled, I took a couple of them to Ollies, in Northern Kentucky.

That meeting was on Feb. 26th.