Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Northside Community Council: December Meeting

Lew attended and presented for a minute, fielding questions from the floor. Northside remains the most supportive and energized neighborhood in all of Cincinnati. We are now working to form a base of local skaters to design and push for the park, while scanning for local businesspeople and neighbors who can vocally/politically push for the park.

Thanks for the overwhelming support. We look forward to presenting our design in either the February or March meetings. Hopefully we'll be deep in fundraising and final tweaks on design, with full support of the CRC, by April.


  1. there is a consistent comment that the land that the park is located on is going to be bound up in some process for FOUR years. We'll be looking into this seriously.

    alternate sites?

    some other neighborhoods are connecting with us to start there. I hope we get to start in this city with this spot,though. it is large enough to accomodate a first-class park.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The land is found at the intersection of Virginia and Colerain. It used to be the "mound", but is now a large corner lot with a grassy burm around it.

    It's a four-way intersection where Virginia crosses Colerain and becomes Dry Fork, with a vietnamese Tailor and a gas station and a tire place occupying the corners.

    Can you see it?

  3. Yeah, the old Colerain Connector property. I see what you meant now about the property being tied up with the intersection realignment project coming up.

  4. so what's the deal with that? Is there really a big problem with getting a park there, in regard to the intersection realignment?

    You could meet me at the Sidewinder to discuss. coffee's on me...

  5. Lew,

    I don't have any specific information, but with ODOT involved and federal funds being used, that takes most of the land in the area off the table and I doubt they'd want to build anything else on the site until plans are finalized.

  6. First, let me thank you for this very helpful line of comments, Kevin. This is the very purpose of this blog: to connect and document the process of thought, networking and compromise that bring an urban Mid-West skatepark to being...

    Next, would you let me know who would be the best person/group to talk to about the present state of plans for that land? There is plenty of grist for the rumor mill, but who has the real plan? I don't consider randomly calling ODOT as the best way to go, do you? I could do that...

    and again, thanks.

  7. I'll have to try to find my information on who the project manager is with the City's Dept of Transportation and Engineering. I'll get back to you on it.

  8. Lew,

    John Brazina is the Project Engineer for the City's Dept of Transporation and Engineering:

    I would also recommend talking to Stefanie Sunderland. I'm not sure if she's still on the NCC board, but she's still very active in the neighborhood and would definitely know what's going on.