Monday, April 21, 2014

So much to say!

There is so much to say about the "State of" the Northside Skate Park effort.

The property is settled: Location couldn't be better.

The City of Cincinnati is fully backing the project, and has green lighted our fundraising.

We are ready to engage donors this year!

This means we are looking at breaking ground WITHIN the next 2 years, on a park that will, frankly, make history as the first fully urban-accessible park in Cincinnati.

This is not just a "game changer", whatever that is supposed to mean... This park will literally be a "life-changer" for the youth of our neighborhood.

Needs Today:
Donations can be made to the C.R.C. (Cincinnati Recreation Committee), memo'ed/earmarked "Northside Skate Park".

We need a Very Good Website! Something that can communicate effectively to corporate donors.

We need YOU to go to the Sidewinder Cafe and buy a sticker for your car or wherever!

And we need volunteers to canvas Northside Businesses for involvement and help to organize the next leg of our race to the finish, here...

As Always, Many Thanks!


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